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Achieve Your Health Goals with Diversification | Thoughts on Health 8/17/2020

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Here’s a Thought on Health For You—What’s the connection between health and diversification?

I have a theory about “diversification”…

Hear the word “diversification” and your mind might go straight to finance. A simplified rule of thumb to investing is to diversify your investments—the more diverse your investment portfolio, the lower risk you take on the the higher chance you have at success. Makes sense, right? Now apply this same logic to your health.

I’m sure you did not sign up for this to hear a used-to-be business student ramble on about diversification. I promise I’ll leave the business jargon out. So before you click away, hear me out…

Here’s my theory: the more diverse your approach to personal health care, the more progress you’ll see towards your health goals.

This may seem like a stretch, but it is an interesting parallel to make—just as diversification can improve the odds of success in investing, it also can help you have achieve more success in your personal health care.

Think about any health goal you may have. Maybe you want to lose unhealthy weight. Maybe you want to take control of your anxiety. Maybe you are trying to recover from a chronic illness. Maybe you want to run a marathon.

Now each of these health goals seems to have one straight forward path to success. To lose unhealthy weight, just exercise. Have anxiety? Just take some anti-anxiety medication. Want to run a marathon? Just start running, duh. As ideal as these simple solutions may seem, their results will be limited. Sure, they may result in some change, but they may not help you achieve your full health potential.

Really to see the most progress in your health, you have to attack it from all angles. You have to diversify the actions you take in order to fulfill a goal’s full potential.

Let’s take the example of losing weight—let’s say you want to reach a more healthy, less “fluffy” weight. There is no one way to reach a better weight—most health experts would like tell you that to achieve your healthiest weight, you need to address multiple areas of your lifestyle. Not only do you want to cut out junk food and eat more greens. You also want to exercise. But you don’t want just to run. Or just lift weights. Even your work out regimen should be diverse in order to see the best results. You also want to reduce the stress in your life and get better sleep—those are also important factors in maintaining a healthy weight. I’m sure you could add more to that list, but you get the point.

Ultimately, a lot goes into achieving that one goal. But by diversifying your approach to losing weight, you are likely going to see better results in the long run.

My Challenge to You: Test Out My Theory

So my challenge to you these next two weeks is to test out my theory. Take a health goal of yours and think about how you can change up your approach to reaching it. What can you add to your approach that may help you reach that goal. How can you use diversification to better lead you to success? How can you use diversification to make being healthy more enjoyable?

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