Holistic Healing strives to provide information, inspiration, & insight into Lyme disease, chronic illness, and all things holistic health. Whether you are living with chronic illness, seeking information about Lyme disease, or are simply on a journey to finding better health—welcome! To anyone seeking inspiration, encouragement, and hope—this was created for you.

Hello! I’m Annie. I’m the one making the magic happen here at Holistic Healing. Here’s a bit more about me, thanks for asking ;)


I have a passion for health and wellness. I’m a lover of nature, good music, and all things natural and eco-friendly. I have a houseplant collection that I’m proud of. Rooibos tea? That’s my jam. Luna bars? Pass ‘em over! Nerding out over economics and startups? I’m down.


My little brother would call me a hippie. My friends would say I’m a dork. I like to think I bring good vibes, but I am guilty of having my off days. And, oh ya, did I mention I have chronic Lyme disease?


At age eighteen I became quite sick. Ten months later I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and two co infections. A couple years of treatment, a large flare up, and one hell of a roller coaster ride later—here I am. I’m still sick, but getting better. I’m incredibly grateful for the progress I’ve made, but continue to fight through the bad days. Lyme disease has changed my life, opened my eyes, and set me on a path I never expected I’d walk down. And although it has been the most challenging and overwhelming experience I’ve gone through to date, it has enriched my life and made me a much better version of myself. Now I want to share my story in order to help and inspire others who are in similar shoes.


To learn more about my journey with Lyme disease and holistic health, checkout the Life with Lyme series: My Lyme Disease Story.


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If I can provide encouragement, inspiration, and hope to someone on a difficult health journey of their own…


If the information I share can help just one person progress in getting an accurate diagnosis, find a good doctor, or make progress in their treatment…


If through sharing my story I am able to help make someone feel less isolated, less confused, less overwhelmed, and less hopeless…


If the work that I do here can help spread awareness and shine a light on the issues and experiences surrounding chronic illness, Lyme disease, and the importance of holistic health…

If any of what I create can make a difference in just one person’s life…


Then I would say I accomplished what I set out to do when I created Holistic Healing.